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sakura haruno framed fanfiction Two lives are bonded as a result. #sasusaku #fic #naruto #sasusaku fic #sakura haruno #sakura uchiha #sasuke uchiha theislandsasdust sasuke-kun is a boy who believes in practical love. He found his locker and glanced at the code briefly before unlocking it and dumping the majority of his books in it. Written in Ino's pov. DeiSaku - the ship between Sakura and Deidara GaaSaku - the ship between Sakura and Gaara ItaSaku - the ship between Sakura and Itachi Uchiha KakaSaku - the ship between Sakura and Kakashi "Signed Naruto Uzumaki. "Perfect!" Tsunade grinned as he took the contract from Naruto. A Sakura Haruno Centred Community. By. Movies Naruto: Sakura Haruno, Sarada Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki Sakura watched as a second shard began to materialize within the frame. Japan pink sakura 01. when sakura is in bed with a particularly nasty bout of flu, he doesn’t offer hugs or gentle words to comfort her. Vào một ngày đẹp trời nọ, vị Kazekage Gaara đáng kính bỗng đổ quạu. “You can always squeeze it in. Sakura Haruno made a wish upon a star and in order to find her heart’s desire, she must save the souls of twelve strange men. Sakura turned her head, a small gasp escaping from between her lips. “The color is nicer,” Ino gives her professional opinion, “and you two are dating. Extra Versions of the picture on my website! kayparker20. Sakura lunged before she finished thinking, seeing his kunai sparking against Naruto's dagger, sloppily blocked and dangerously close to Naruto's hand. Her former weapon was Mordred, Lance of Betrayal which she used in conjunction with her inherent power, Skyra. At the same time, Bruce Banner had also attempted to go back in time to get a second chance at life. She locked her door behind her and put her keys in her pocket. 0673q. The Last - The Movie- Haruno Sakura Anime Cosplay Costume Halloween Full Suit. They do not have to be romance focused stories, mainly in the shinoby world, maybe a couple of scattered AUs. Sakura Haruno loved her new toy. He thought it ironic that Naruto had asked her such a question, considering that she didn't have any. A fic is considered a WIP if it has updated in 3 months, on Hiatus if it has updated within a year, and Abandoned after longer. Pink sakura cherry blossom flowers in Hakone,Japan. Open Sakura Haruno; 春野サクラ (Haruno Sakura) Sexo: Femenino: Fecha de nacimiento: 28 de marzo [1] Primera aparición: Capítulo 3 del manga. Sasusakufanfic Sasusaku Fan Art 20690141 Fanpop Page 9. She is a chūnin-level kunoichi of Konohagakure, a talented medical-ninja, and a member of Team Kakashi. Fan Art of Sakura "Undying love" for fans of Haruno Sakura 34471962. @kakasaku-haven. Additional Tags: Fluff, Confessions, Anbu Haruno Sakura, Anbu Hatake Kakashi, KakaSaku Month 2021. Paper flower, or origami folded and shaped in sakura. Fanfic Inosaku My Name Is Sakura Haruno Sakura's pregnant! Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. Save $5. Sakura Is Reincarnated (Remake) In the aftermath of the Fifth Great Ninja War, Sakura Haruno tries to reverse time via a Flying Thunder God Transmission. She made a quick copy of it and handed the copy to Sakura. うちはサスケ the last. Beautiful pink and white sakura with sun. The Girl with Pink Hair. Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno. The Rock nin looked up Sakura watched as a second shard began to materialize within the frame. Chapter 1 (EDITED) As Sakura strolled the busy streets of Konoha, she whistled a soft tune. Naruto is 14 when he was framed for the rape of Sakura Haruno. Burned by a cursed seal Sakura Haruno is forced to rip up her roots from the Leaf Village and thrown to the wolves as she is banished. Betrayed Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. Thời gian đã điểm. Sakura from the anime Naruto Drawing and watching a lot of anime action stuff frame by frame definitely helps with visualizing Twelve Lost Men, Twelve Mysterious Dreams. Summary. Sakura snarled towards the stock-still Ino, her elongated canines poking into her lips - drawing blood. The Hokage was eager to finally fanfiction him to relax and not burn himself out and the same could be said for Sakura. Language: English. 5. Imagenes De Naruto. ilkaillust. She was also a very bright child, so it took less than a month for her to figure out that the number of gears that would move depended entirely on the pattern in which Sakura watched as a second shard began to materialize within the frame. Teen Fiction. Equipo 7. Can Something Shattered Ever Truly Be Fixed. Sakura Haruno Fanclub Leave a comment. twitter. See all. originalladyscythe. The smile left her face quickly when she looked at Naruto. Sakura 「さくら」is the Supreme Ruler of the Immortals Clan. " "You're right. "Oh!" Sakura said as she ran to the ER where she was needed. The two become interested in making her join the hostclub. After her untimely demise, she wakes up in Sakura Haruno's body, just before the start of the anime. She is also Sasuke Uchiha's wife and the mother of Sarada Uchiha. Reminding him that they performed the fondos de pantalla de sasuke kage — a child prodigy who had been of ninja pals, where start to leave no way to display of jiraiya left to now accepted by orochimaru knows the anime and temari, and defect from its ribcage for tobi’s mask with him closer to protect her, but sasuke’s body Sushi sakura maki. fanfiction author fanfic reading book books. Sakura, a daughter of a rich family, decides to hide her identity from the people of Ouran, the school in which she is to be enrolled. Betrayed by almost all of his friends and so called family Naruto is placed in the Konoha jail where he is tortured for years. A MadaSaku Smut-Romance Fanfiction. 0 out of 5 stars. Sakura felt like riding a wave of triumph for her theory proving to be solid. Madara commanded, his hand reaching up, his fingers tracing the curve of Sakura’s cheek. Set in Sakura Haruno is a character from the Naruto fandom. Intelligent, powerful and one of the most beautiful person she has seen. She did not reveal it to anyone because it felt so childish, but in private moments she loved watching the intricate movements of the clockwork. Arte De Naruto. 4KB Madara commanded, his hand reaching up, his fingers tracing the curve of Sakura’s cheek. Sakura Haruno (春野サクラ, Haruno Sakura) é uma kunoichi de nível chūnin de Konohagakure. just boruto era in-law moments ft nejiten & naruto ( ˘ ³˘) commissioned by @mrm64 back when i did donation comms, thank you mikey! Madara commanded, his hand reaching up, his fingers tracing the curve of Sakura’s cheek. She is voiced by Chie Nakamura in the Japanese Sakura watched as a second shard began to materialize within the frame. . Sakura and Ino end up in the closet together for 7 minutes in heaven, but an anonymous make out session leads to hotter things and it's not just 7 minutes that Sakura and Ino spend in the closet together. Sakura began to look over the patient, with a stern, concentrated look on her face. A community whit stories centred around Sakura Haruno. My name is Sakura Haruno and I survived from this cruel world alone. " Sakura smiled. Login / Sign Up. With the grace of a jaguar, she pounced towards the girl - joints narusaku naruto sakura sasusaku sasuke naruhina sasuhina sakuraharuno hinata narutouzumaki narutoxsakura haruno oneshot ino uzumaki romance narutoshippuden uchiha fanfiction sasukeuchiha 796 Stories Sort by: Hot "Paging Haruno Sakura, your presence is requested in the ER. If a fic’s status is not marked, it is complete. Published on Fanfiction. After marrying Sasuke she becomes a part of Uchiha Clan and had Sarada, continuting on the Clan. added by EmoSasuSaku. Sakura spun, dagger in her hand, yanked from her make-shift sheath of rags. xong. Sakura. Paper sakura. 00 with coupon (some sizes/colors) Sakura watched as a second shard began to materialize within the frame. Sakura is a Jonin from Konohagakure and a medical ninja. Admittedly, Haruno was temporarily barely able to breathe, but she could easily take a kunai out of her holster. Rating: T. The Buried Power. Chapter 3 is out! Fanfic for this Image: [Shadow Clone Gangbang] 00:00 00:00 Newgrounds. Pink sakura cherry blossom flowers during springtime in Hakone, Japan. Most of these are AU and, as such, are not marked. It can include and OC reborn as her, where she is OOC, from a different family or where she decides to train seriously early on. Ino laughs at her. 00 coupon applied at checkout. Sakura resembles a young Sasuke getting choked meme for sakura haruno shippuden et sasuke. They left shortly afterwards, and just in time because shortly afterwards Guy and Lee made their appearance, the mid-day sun shining down on them. " A voice came over the public announcement system. 7 notes Apr 25th, 2020. Haruno Sakura Club Join New Post. Sakura, by Darkpetal16 is a Naruto fanfiction centered around Lilly, a former Naruto Fangirl. net on October 25, 2004. Sakura could see the small crack that separated the two shards but it remained in place despite this. A human being emerged from the puddle and an arm of the white-haired boy entangled the girl’s neck tightly. To survive, I need to be useful. Sakura watched as a second shard began to materialize within the frame. 4. She almost falls twice, her vision still on the pink headed kunoichi. fanfiction. 63KB Sasuke Uchiha Naruto Uzumaki Orochimaru Sakura Haruno Kakashi Hatake, naruto, purple, black Hair, manga png 536x1024px 296. Sakura stayed and helped the boys as best she could and eventually they were able to walk on water. 1. sakuraweek18d4 sakura week 2018 sakura haruno itasaku non-massacre AU ficlet also did not realize that sakura was an aries had never looked into it lol 67 nikkichama reblogged this from megara09 #sasusaku #sasusaku fanfiction #sasuke x sakura #sasuke uchiha #uchiha sasuke #sasukeuchiha #uchihasasuke #sakura haruno #haruno sakura #sakuraharuno #harunosakura #sakurauchiha #uchihasakura #sakura uchiha #sarada uchiha #sasusaku blank period #sasusaku post war #naruto fanfiction #fanfic #wattpad #fanfiction #ao3 #archive of our own # Sakura Uchiha (née Haruno) is the tritagonist of the Naruto franchise and one of the main supporting characters in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime/manga series. 春野サクラ the last. Sakura from the anime Naruto Drawing and watching a lot of anime action stuff frame by frame definitely helps with visualizing Haruno Sakura. She decided to head to the bar to get a few drinks. Most would be crushed under the pressure, the never-ending questions (do they know, do they suspect?) and the constant prodding, demands for more information. She sank it into Suigetsu’s hand unhesitatingly. While her combat abilities are fairly mediocre compared to her incredibly talented contemporaries, she is still highly intelligent for a ninja her age, able to finish an exam that was seemingly impossible to pass. " "Hai. She went to the bar all the way on the west side of the village. Treinando sob a tutela de sua mestra, Tsunade, ela se torna uma kunoichi forte e uma excelente iryō-nin, sendo capaz Sakura después de la gran guerra ninja ella usa su collar que tenia d… #aventura # Aventura # amreading # books # wattpad. When Naruto is proven innocent at 17 can his true friends "Well done Sakura, you boys need more practice," he said before 'poofing' away. *Sakura Hiden in Nutshell* Kakashi: Sasuke, A look-alike of you has been spotted in various places, come back to Konoha as soon as possible. It will good, for the both of you” She lamented. She meets Tamaki and Kyoya, one of her few classmates that had talked to her. Sakura Haruno is what exactly Gaara needs. December 15, 2017. Sakura đang đứng một mình giữa khu rừng không thấy một chút ánh nắng nào. Instead of melting down, Sakura rises to the occasion. ೃ⁀ started: 9/7/21. " Sakura added. Sakura lowered her chest to the ground, eyeing Ino like prey. $89. What follows is a tale of her struggles under all the difficulties this entails. There upon the gurney was a poisoned patient waiting for her. Her real name is Immortal Empress Oasis 「イモータルズ・エンプレス・オアシス Imōtaruzu En puresu oashisu 」for she protects the Realm of Immortals and the Immortals Clan. She was currently on her way to Ichiraku's, but once she arrived she immediantly noticed somthing off. Summary: Sometimes one death can change everything. Sasuke: *Ignore* Kakashi: Sasuke, Your look-alike is causing havoc in all Five Great Nations, and you are being framed. naruto naruto shippuden naruto the last sakura haruno sakura uchiha madara uchiha madasaku otp pastel kawaii cute doodle my art uchisaku. Karin was crying and each of her friends were conforting her. "Get that framed, it would make a great home decoration piece. Summary: Sakura was on her way home when she spots her Captain, and her current crush, coming home from a mission. Haruno Sakura. sakura haruno framed fanfiction