It's Farm Focus Friday! 👨‍🌾 🎉⁠ In 2022, we're starting a new weekly feature to celebrate a few of the many hardworking farmers and ranchers across the country. This week, meet the family behind Rocky Soil Family Farm in Monticello, Florida – then check out the whole story in our bio link!⁠ 🌱⁠ A wildly successful backyard garden and the desire to work for themselves inspired Chris and Kiona Wagner to quit their jobs in 2019 and start Rocky Soil Family Farm. Their niche offers unique vegetables and herbs, Kiona says, listing Merlot lettuce, pink-stemmed celery and purple string beans as examples. “Our customers are always expecting to see something unique and fun when they come to our stand at the farmers market,” she says. ⁠The farm is solely a family affair: Chris and Kiona, their 14-year-old son and toddler twin girls.⁠ @rockysoilfamilyfarm⁠ 🌱⁠ Tag us in your farm photos and tell us a little about your farm for a chance to be featured!⁠ 📷: Long’s Photography⁠
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Craving something sweet? Satisfy your sweet tooth and stay on track with your healthy eating goals at the same time with some of our favorite healthy dessert recipes, including these Chocolate-Dipped Tangerine Slices. 🍊 Get all the recipes in our bio link! ⁠ 📷: @jessiskitchen
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Healthy doesn't have to mean boring. This delicious Cabbage Salad with Chicken and Thai Peanut Dressing makes a flavorful and filling meal for lunch or dinner.⁠ 🥗 Get the recipe in our bio link!⁠ 📷: @jessiskitchen⁠
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Looking for healthy breakfast ideas? Try these delicious variations on classic avocado toast: ⁠ 🥑 Tomato, Cucumber and Dill⁠ 🥑 Tomato, greens, red onion and balsamic vinegar⁠ 🥑 Radishes, goat cheese and basil⁠ 🥑 Tomato, bacon and chives⁠ Get the recipes in our bio link!⁠ 📷: @jessiskitchen⁠
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